Organizations with an impact-driven mission are in an unique position to drive change for their employees, members, and customers. I’ve developed unique heart-centered retreats that can be customized for any event, so that you can inspire personal growth for every individual connected to your organization.

While transformation is not an overnight process, retreats allow individuals to create the time and space to dive deep into the fears holding them back, grapple with the beliefs that shape their perspective, and take strides forward in their journey to a more authentic life.

All retreats include a combination of teachings, silent time for self-reflection, facilitated group discussions, and a creative activity. We’ll work together to incorporate any one of the following retreats into your organization’s event. Alternatively, we can collaborate on a custom retreat that is tailor-made to your unique needs and goals.

Being Made New

Has your life been ruptured by the sudden death of a loved one, a relationship that went sour, an unexpected health issue or a child leaving home?

Ruptures can feel like the most terrifying experience when you are in the middle of it. As the dust begins to settle it often feels like you are left with what feels like lots of broken pieces.

But these broken pieces can be the very sparks of creativity that you have been needing. They have a hidden sort of beauty inside of them. At this retreat you will come to see that through it all you were held by grace as you will learn to dismantle the rubble so that from it something brand new can be created.

Are you ready to transform that pain into a rebirth?

A Spacious Life

Are you constantly looking for more space in your schedule, closets or drawers? 

This is often a physical manifestation of emotional and mental cluttering. If you’re exploring organizing, decluttering, and minimalism, there is a good chance you are also feeling the need for some more space in your heart and mind.

This retreat is about learning to consciously create with space rather than allowing your space to become filled with every distraction that the world offers. We will also reexamine the concept of space as an opportunity for rest, and how possible it is to make it a part of your everyday life, instead of being reserved for weekends or vacation. 

By the end of this retreat, you will begin to see space as an expression of the Divine that you are invited to co-create within. Plan on leaving this retreat feeling like your soul has found space to breathe again.

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Are you ready to create the time and space for yourself?

Heart Stories

Is your story one that you own and share with others, or do you keep it hidden for fear of what others will think of you? 

We often share stories that are not reflective of our true selves. We use them as placeholders or masks to appease what we think others want of us. But when we keep our stories locked away, we limit ourselves from adding more chapters and writing beautiful endings for ourselves.

This retreat is about courageously opening the essence of your heart and breathing new life into old bones. You will release the fears that bind your stories, so you can rekindle your creative process with your Muse.

Are you ready to write a brand new chapter with you as the hero?

Make it Matter

What do you do with your anger, grief, sadness, regret, fear or disappointment? 

Along with love, joy, compassion, gratitude, hope, and compassion, emotions are one of the unique qualities that define our humanity.

Because it can be painful, we often avoid dealing with our own emotions in an effort to stay comfortable. But emotions are our teachers. They serve to show you what really matters to you so that you can then participate in meaningful creation. When you are willing to dive deep beneath the surface, face your fear head on, it will show you what you really truly desire.

This retreat is about acknowledging the hard and difficult pieces of life, and allowing them to shape your future. When you can accept and learn from these pieces, you can experience more fulfillment from what matters most to you.

Are you ready to find more fulfillment and joy in your life?


Making Peace with Time

Is time a task master or a beautiful treasure to spend?

Time is truly our greatest asset, because it is the only one we cannot create more of. How we appreciate and utilize time is more a state of the heart than a mindset. Time as a task master is simply a mirror showing you something deeper in your life that is waiting to be healed. 

This retreat is not just about changing your relationship with time, it’s about changing the relationship you have with yourself. We will look at time, not as a linear process, but as a dynamic happening in Divine timing.  You will learn to release your grip of control on time, and the unhelpful subconscious beliefs you have about it.

Are you ready to make better use of your time?

Harvest of the Heart

Is this year’s crop what you hoped it would be, or are you harvesting some disappointment or frustration?

We have an opportunity to harvest accomplishments and joy every single year. As in life, any good steward of the Earth takes stock of her harvest; what worked well and what wasn’t beneficial when planning for the next season. 

In order to celebrate the fruit of your labor, you must reflect back on the past year’s successes, while simultaneously envisioning the bounty you desire for next year. By planning for the year ahead, you can live with intention and create the life of abundance you desire.

The retreat is all about giving your unique seeds of possibility to the Earth to hold and nurture until their appointed time. Plan to look back a year from now and celebrate your desires that took form.

Are you ready to create an intentional life filled with more joy and happiness?

If you see elements from different retreat topics that speak to you or align with your organization’s vision, let’s design a custom retreat.

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