Organizations, especially those with impact-driven missions, have the incredible opportunity and responsibility to drive impactful change for their customers, team members, and communities. Through workshops, we can drive change beginning with your internal team.

Workshops bring together the best of educational trainings and team-building events in the style of a mini retreat. Every workshop is customized to the team’s needs and challenges, so it can range from 2-4 hours: perfect for a half day retreat or afternoon workshop.

Workshop Topics

In each workshop, we’ll begin with an engaging question to initiate conversation about a particular topic. I’ll facilitate a productive dialogue after presenting educational content on the same topic, which will likely stir up questions and experiences for participants to share.

By allowing the participants to engage with the content in interactive ways – such as breakout groups, individual journaling, tactile exercises, and facilitated Q&As – we can go deeper with the material.

Sensitivity as Strength: Tap Into the Unique Gifts Of a Highly Sensitive Person

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Leading with Vulnerability

Taking The Stress Out of Difficult Conversations


Setting Clear Intentions

Effective Communication

Defining Values

Cultivating Trust

The Role of Emotions in the Creative Process

Reclaiming Work-Life Harmony

Peaceful Communication

Custom Workshops

The shape of a custom workshop will be highly dependent on your organization, team, and the challenges you’re experiencing. We’ll have a conversation about what you’re looking for and your available time, so we can work together to create a custom workshop on the topic most-needed at the current time.

The format will also be adjusted to account for your team’s needs, such as incorporating more group conversations, team-building activities, or silent reflection. My goal is to ensure your team walks away with newly gained knowledge and practical experience applying that knowledge.

Contact me today to discuss your needs and start planning your organization’s next workshop!