My Story

I thought I knew myself. 

I built a thriving career. I married my best friend. I was hitting all the checkboxes, and yet at some point I still felt like my life simply wasn’t working. Instead, all I could think was:

What’s wrong with me?

I thrived on stimulation and challenge. I enjoyed leading a team because I loved collaborating, cultivating inclusion, and developing potential in employees. I would go from meeting to meeting, work through my lunches, and tell myself I loved what I did, all while pretending not to notice that I felt so very different from other leaders. I’d get to the end of my day feeling depleted of energy. It felt as if there was something missing or incomplete in myself that everyone else seemed to have. I felt different, but I continued to pour my energy into everything I did, so I could feel like I was successful, despite feeling more separate than ever.


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I didn’t realize it at the time, but little by little I was disconnecting from my soul by trying to do things like everyone else..

Through a scary series of events my world started to crumble. My marriage started to crack. Then I had a seizure. I realized that I was not living the life I desired. I knew I wanted so much more, but clearly the path everyone else was following did not fit me. It was upon taking Dr. Elaine Arron’s HSP Assessment, that I discovered that I am a highly sensitive person, also called HSP.

It made so much sense to me: I think, act, recharge, and feel different because my brain is wired in a different way. I had been disconnecting from my soul, masking the real me and trying to do things like others.

Since learning to honor my sensitive brain, trust my own intuition and do things my way, I uncovered more energy, time and strengths than I could have ever imagined. It was a long, challenging transformative journey to get here; one I wish I had not journeyed so much of on my own.

How We Work Together

In going through my own transformational journey, I felt called to help others unearth their soul, reconnect with their unique value and lead their self with integrity. My corporate management skills, coaching education, and personal transformation experience combined, allowed me to create unique coaching programs.

My coaching programs are based on deep soul work. We will not spend time managing symptoms, but dive deep into your fears, beliefs, and values so you can uproot the source of whatever is holding you back. Instead, we focus on creating micro shifts that will allow you to let go of restrictive beliefs that no longer serve and step into alignment with your core values; the result is sustained changes, continuous growth, reconnecting to your worth and living from a place of integrity.


Transformation is the foundation and heart of all the work I do with my clients.

It is the act of breaking free from your small confining acorn self to become the mighty oak tree you have the potential to be.

In my transformation-based coaching programs you will learn how to locate, name and plug your energy leaks. You will identify the old self sabotaging behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs that have been draining your energy for way to long.

We’ll work together based on three tenets of self-leadership:

Developing Self-awareness and emotional intelligence as the first steps to transformation. I give you tools I have personally learned and apply in my everyday life, to work through the process.

Individual responsibility leads to empowerment. I will never give you the answers. Instead I will teach you to find the answers within. This leaves you empowered with a new skill for the rest of your life.

Mindset is simply a mask for an underlying problem that doesn’t need managing; instead, we will dig deep into your fears and limiting beliefs to uproot the cause.

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Seedling Group Coaching Program

This program – my Seedling Program – is uniquely designed for those who are self-motivated, committed to learning who they truly are, and prefer a more independent approach to their transformation. By retraining yourself through practical tools and exercises, you’ll begin to develop a deeper trust in yourself resulting in more joy in your life.

While this is a group coaching program, it is limited to 12 people to ensure an intimate and supportive environment. You’ll have access to regular group coaching calls, online support forum, and self-paced reflective assignments to guide you through your transformation.

Individual Coaching

You’re tired of feeling like there’s never enough time or energy. You thrive in your career, but it comes at a high cost. You’re sick of taking on everything life throws at you, because it’s not what you signed up for. You feel like your relationships lack connection and meaning. If you’re tired of fighting with yourself, and ready to come home to your soul, than individual coaching is the program for you.

Transformation is a process, one that doesn’t happen overnight. One-to-one coaching is my most personalized program that allows us to do the deep soul work that is at the heart of the transformation process. These programs are a good fit for those who feel life simply isn’t working, and they’re ready to immerse themselves in sustainable change.

These two private programs build upon the tenets and principles you learn in the Seedling group coaching program. I designed these programs specifically for those who are already comfortable identifying emotions, yearn to no longer be controlled by them and instead allow their emotions to show them who they are at the soul level. If you have a high level of personal commitment, follow through, and desire to live more in tune with your soul, a 1-1 coaching program is for you.

Sapling Program

This is a 9-month program, which includes the Seedling group coaching package, where you will learn how to identify, locate, and plug your energy leaks. We’ll build on the group coaching, so you will also learn how to refill your energy, discover your true self, and cultivate a connection to source.

In addition to identifying the old self-sabotaging behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs, you’ll discover all the masks you have built up around yourself. You will learn how to step away from your false self, in order to allow your true authentic self to come shining through.

You’ll receive private coaching calls, customized resources, and a complimentary retreat. We will dig deep, so you can let go of existing beliefs, step out of your comfort zone, shift your vision, removing obstacles along the way, and become truly in alignment with yourself.

Mature Oak Program

This is a 12-month program, which includes the Seedling package and builds upon the Sapling package. In addition to addressing your energy leaks and letting go of your false selves, we’ll use a variety of tools, resources, and assessments that allow you to truly know yourself on a deep and profound level.

The Mature Oak Package is well-suited for those with a deep commitment to dramatically changing their life and how they live it. They are tired of holding back and living on auto-pilot, and ready to thrive as their true, authentic self. 

You’ll receive private coaching calls, customized resources, and complimentary VIP retreat days, so we can dive right in, and you can let go of existing beliefs, step out of your comfort zone, shift your vision removing obstacles along the way, and become truly in tune with yourself.

Next Steps

It is no accident that you are here.

You read something in my story that resonates with you.

You’re tired of fighting with yourself, trying to be someone you’re not, and feeling like you’re living your life on auto-pilot.

You saw something in my coaching packages that speaks to you.

You’re ready to immerse yourself in lasting transformation, dive deep into true soul work, and uproot the source of whatever is holding you back. 

Now is the time to take off your mask, uncover your souls true worth and lead yourself with integrity. Let’s do it together.

The first step to transformation

Transformation is the foundation and heart of all the work I do with my clients. You naturally feel frustrated when you stay disconnected from your worth and souls deep longings. This work includes, self-leadership, personal responsibility, and empowerment; the three pillars that support the transformation work, resulting in deeper trust in yourself.

Transformation is a very intentional process, which is why I invite you to apply for the coaching program that feels right for you. This process is an investment into your personal growth to experience positive and lasting transformation.

Self-discovery is the first step to begin that journey.

As part of this application process, I’ll share a self-discovery assignment with you. It is not a test, nor are there any right or wrong answers. Following this assignment, we’ll schedule a clarity call. We’ll use this time to get clear and determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

There is no fee to complete this assignment or to go through the clarity call with me. This process will allow us to connect on the deep soul level to see what it is you really desire to create, what might be getting in the way, and if we are an energetic match to work together in one of my programs.

Contact me to learn more, apply, and begin your transformation.